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Please try not to be sad for me – I LIVED A DREAM! My love for Kelly was more than 10 lifetimes could hold. I hit snooze 5 times every morning just to snuggle a little longer. I rode around in my jeep with the top down and the music turned up with Jakey by my side. I had a loving family and the best of friends. I smiled and laughed, I bluffed at cards, I traveled, I surfed, I got to live on the lake, & I LIVED as an Artist -How cool is that?~Jeff's Funeral Service Card



This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Jeff Hettwer who was born in Coon Rapids, Minnesota on April 24, 1978 and was killed by a drunk driver on June 14, 2008. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.



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Jeff Hettwer Memorial Scholarship

If every person donated a dollar when they visited this site Jeff's scholarship would have over $98,000 in it! Please consider making a contribution to the
"Jeff Hettwer Memorial Scholarship Fund" at the
University of Minnesota. Your donation will allow young artists the opportunity further develop their talent by creating new works in Jeff's honor. Visit and make your donation today!

Scholarship Update: Due to the generous support of each and every one of you, the Jeff Hettwer Memorial Scholarship will now be the largest, most coveted art scholarship awarded at the University of Minnesota. I am so proud...and so grateful for the kindness that you have shown. The scholarship will be awarded on a yearly basis. I deeply appreciate your continued support and urge you to consider making an annual gift to the Jeff Hettwer Memorial Scholarship to keep this amazing opportunity available for future generations of artists. My most sincere appreciation. - Kelly

Recent News:

  • In March of 2013 we will be filming 4, 30 second public service announcement commercials to warn of the dangers of drinking and driving. Spots will begin airing this summer as we approach the 5 year anniversary of Jeff's death. thank you all for your continued support.
  • We are currently producing a professional video to be used at schools and drivers education classes to warn of the dangers of drinking and driving. Check back for details.
  • Jeff's story was featured in on the new TLC show, "Randy to the Rescue" in the summer of 2012!
  • The third Annual Jeff Hettwer Memorial Golf Tournament was held in August of 2012. Thanks to your generous support we were able to raise over $7,500 for Jeff's scholarship and anti drinking and driving programing.
  • June 5, 2011 - Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2nd Annual Jeff Hettwer Memorial Golf Tournament; it was a huge success! We raised over $4,000 at the event and donated an additional $5,000 to the Jeff Hettwer Memorial Scholarship at the University of Minnesota. All of the money raised will be split between Students Against Drunk Driving and Jeff's Scholarship. A special thanks to all of our sponsors and especially to Jeff's nieces and nephews for crushing last year’s lemonade stand sales with a new record of $161; you guys are the best!
  • Dec 31, 2010 - The Jeff Hettwer Memorial Scholarship has now risen over $25,000!
  • October 29th, 2010 - Thank you to St. Louis Park Junior High School for inviting Jeff's wife, Kelly, to speak to the students there.  Approximately 600, 7th and 8th grade students listened intently as she spoke of the dangers of drinking and driving. The teary eyed, students and staff were extremely respectful as she shared Jeff's story. Many even thanked her with hugs as they left the gymnasium to view the crash car that was parked just outside.
  • October 15th, 2010 - The 15 year anniversary of Jeff and Kelly's first date at Afton Apple Orchard.
  • October 2010 - Kelly Hettwer has commissioned U of M scholarship recipient and Bravo's "Work of Art" participant, Miles Mendenhall, to create a piece about Jeff. Mendenhall's representation of Hettwer is expected to be complete sometime in mid-November.

Happening Now:

  • Click here to request that Kelly Hettwer tell Jeff's story at your school, business meeting, or group function.
  • If you are currently a U of M art major, or would like to be, please submit your application to the University of Minnesota to be considered for the Jeff Hettwer Memorial Scholarship.
  • If you have received a DWI within the last year and have been sentenced to attend a victim impact panel you can register to attend the Anoka County, MN panel sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving to hear Jeff's story in person.

Coming Soon:

  • "See You In The Morning"A song to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving.
  • "Survived By" - A journal style book for people who have recently lost a loved one.
  • "How I Lost You" - A short film to be used in drivers education and drinking and driving related programming around the country. Here's a link to the work in progress



Thank you all for your support of Jeff's talent!


Jeff in front of the Northrup King Building May 2008.


Jeff's Art Lives On!


 Jeff and Kelly on their 6 year wedding anniversary June 16, 2007 at the Walker Sculpture Garden 


Letter From Kelly: 

To all of you,

My thanks to those who joined in the celebration of Jeff's life on Sunday, June 22nd at  Afton Apple Orchard. The orchard means so much me as the home of our first date, our wedding, and the remembrance of the most beautiful man I've ever met. While I never looked up to see any of you in the orchard I could feel your presence.

It's a bit overwhelming to see just how much the person that you love has touched so many lives. Sitting in the front row of a memorial service is a horrible thing, but it is something that we all, in time, will do. There will never be enough words to wrap around each of you to express how grateful I am to have had you behind me on that day and all of the days ahead.

I can't believe you stayed... It's easy to be there when the breeze is gentle through the apple trees and the birds are singing in their branches...but when the first drops of rain fell I thought you would run. I wanted to run - Far away. But you stayed. When Jill sang she said she had to close her eyes just to concentrate and she thought that when she was done she would open her eyes and you'd all be gone, but there you were. Soaked with tears... soaked with rain... still there. How will I ever thank you?


Kelly Hettwer



  Kelly in Jeff's studio June 15th 2008



Hettwer/Golden Painting Stolen!

Reward for information leading to its recovery.


One of only two collaborative paintings created by Jeff Hettwer and Robert Golden was stolen from San Jose State University. The painting was similar in size and style to the one shown here and includes the initials JH and RMG. Please contact the creator of this website at the link on the left of the page if you have any information that might lead to the paintings recovery. Thank you.







 Do you know the owners of these original Jeff Hettwer paintings?


The sales data on these original Jeff Hettwer oil paintings has been lost. Please contact the the creator of this website by clicking on the link at the left if you have any information on these pieces.







My deepest thanks to Aaron Demenge for creating this website.





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